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The MP-20 is designed for rugged industrial applications and will meet or exceed the performance of any diaphragm or piston pump on the market.

Inlet RequirementsSelf-priming
Fluid TypesMobile or Viscous; Abrasive or Non-abrasive
Dry Run Capabilityyes
Maximum Pressure 600 PSIG
Maximum Flow Rate6 gallons per min
Fluid Temperatures SupportedMaximum of 160 degrees F
Mounting Requirements

Horizontal orientation

Power SourceOptional 115V or 230V AC Motor
Variable Flow Rate?No
Dimensions (in inches) MP-20: 11" W x 11" D x 14" H; MP-20 OC: 30" W x 12" D x 17" H
WeightMP-20: 23 lbs.; MP-20 OC: 98 lbs.
Inlet/Outlet Fitting DiameterInlet: 34" ID; Outlet: 38" ID w/2 "on-off" valves; Bypass: 12" ID
Other Features
  • Dual diaphragms can handle pressure up to 600 PSIG.
  • Durable construction provides reliability and durability.
  • Self-priming to 15 feet dry suction lift.
  • Available w/either 300 or 600 PSI gauge
  • Available in two versions.
    • MP-20 pump only
    • MP-20 OC pump motor on channel, which includes the MP-20 pump with either a 115V or 230V AC motor

MP-20 OC is available in open, TEFC, and explosion-proof motor enclosures.

Greylor carries all parts for the MP-20/MP-20 OC and provides fast and reliable maintenance and repairs.

Pump Performance Data

  28 PSIG 142 PSIG 284 PSIG 426 PSIG
350 4.7 0.10 3.7 0.4 3.6 0.75 3.5 1.1
450 5.7 0.12 4.7 0.5 4.6 1.0 4.5 1.4
550 6.4 0.14 5.5 0.6 5.4 1.2 5.3 1.7

MP20 on Channel

MP20 on Channel

Use Cases Include

  • Agricultural sprayers
  • Drink dispensers
  • Fire proofing
  • Insulation blowers
  • Roofing material application

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