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The Model 200 is our largest peristaltic pump that is suitable for high-volume applications that include abrasive, viscous fluids or slurries.

Inlet RequirementsSelf-priming
Fluid TypesMobile or Viscous; Non-abrasive
Dry Run Capabilityyes
Maximum Pressure 20 PSIG
Maximum Flow Rate2.2 gallons per min/8.3 liters per min
Fluid Temperatures SupportedRanges from -75 to 275 degrees F
Mounting Requirements

Horizontal or vertical orientation

Power Source115V or 230V AC Motor
Variable Flow Rate?No
Dimensions (in inches) 5 1/2" W x 10 1/4" D x 9 1/2" H
Weight17.5 lbs.
Inlet/Outlet Fitting Diameter½ inch barbed vinyl hose fittings
Other Features
  • The Norprene tube and vinyl fittings are the only parts that come in contact with the pumped fluid.
  • Available with optional tubing for food products and sanitary applications.
  • Self-priming to 15 feet dry suction lift.
  • Available in open, TEFC, DC, and explosion-proof motor enclosures.
  • For cold operating conditions, use high effiency Model 200-M

Pump Performance Data

Total PSI Feet of Water Gal per Minute
0 0 2.2
10 23 2.0
20 46 1.7

Use Cases Include

  • Bottling
  • Condiment spreaders
  • Food preparation
  • Micro-brewing
  • Oil skimming & lubrication systems
  • Painting equipment
  • Surgical sanitation systems

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