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Magnetic Drive Pumps
Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps

  • Categorized as a positive displacement, centrifugal pump
  • The inner layer of magnets provides a barrier between the pumping chamber and motor, making it a sealless pump
  • Guaranteed to be leak-proof
  • Maximum flow rate of 0.3 GPM
  • Maximum pressure of 3.5 PSI
  • Suitable for most chemical resistant materials
  • Works well for high temperature fluids that are prone to losses with traditional seals
  • Good for extreme continuous running applications

Magnetic Drive Pumps Frequently Asked Questions

Can the pump run continuously?
What is the life expectancy?
Two years running continuously
Can the flow rate be varied?
Yes, by varying the voltage

Use Cases Include

  • Low pressure chlorinators
  • Aircraft instruments
  • Decorative fountains

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